The Southern Heritage Trust is proud to announce two new  publications, which were launched at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 18 July 2012.


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Alan Kynaston’s 40-page book Rising from the Golden Glow includes 53 articles tracing the development and subsequent fortunes of some 70 businesses that had their origins in Dunedin during the period between the first gold rush and the 1890s, when the city was the commercial capital of New Zealand.

The businesses chosen for inclusion are for the most part those that grew to nationwide importance and/or were destined for long lives. A great many of them became household names throughout the country and a surprising number remain so.

The book, which is  the product of several years of research, has been developed from the stunning wall posters created by the author for the 2011 Dunedin Heritage Festival exhibition at the BNZ building in Princes Street. It is fully illustrated and includes a page of references and an index of businesses. Coloured maps on the inside front and back covers show the locations of offices and factories, which are listed and numbered at the end of each article.




The second new publication is the pocket-sized 40-page booklet Writers’ Dunedin, which is a guide to the life and work of twenty of the writers who constitute Dunedin’s literary heritage, including such well known names as James K. Baxter, Charles Brasch and Janet Frame.

The first half of the booklet contains one-page biographies and a photograph of each of the selected writers, together with some indication of the qualities of their writing and a brief quotation. The second half consists of three detailed walks around the city exploring locations with which the writers are associated, the places where they were born, grew up, lived, worked, wrote and (in some cases) drank. The three walks cover the  Central City (the Octagon and the Central Business District), the Inner Hill Suburbs (featuring Charles Brasch territory), and the University Area. The walks are illustrated with photographs: the locations are all numbered and identified on a fold-out map inside the front cover.

Both books are selling well, with From the Golden Glow deriving additional interest from the Dunedin Steam Festival in October. The first printing of Writers’ Dunedin has actually sold out and a reprint (with some very minor corrections) is now available.

From the Golden Glow is on sale for $20 and Writers’ Dunedin for $6. Both are available from the University Book Shop, Paper Plus and other outlets in the city; they can also be ordered direct from Southern Heritage Trust, by email to or by telephone (471 8265 or 479 0169).






Also still available is this attractive fully illustrated booklet, compiled and edited by John Barsby, which was produced for the Dunedin Heritage Festival in 2011. It is a description of the history and architecture of one of Dunedin’s most elegant buildings, designed in Italian Renaissance style by the architect William Armson and built in the 1870s as an expression of the wealth which had come to Dunedin from the gold rush. Much of the exterior remains intact, as does the splendid banking chamber with its coffered ceiling which dominates the ground floor inside.

Copies of The BNZ Building can be ordered direct from Southern Heritage Trust, by email to or by telephone (471 8265 or 479 0169). The price is $20.


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