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The Trustees (see biographies) meet monthly, usually at Ann’s own historic property on Royal Terrace. Each month we discuss new upcoming events, who is available to help out at these, issues we want to become involved in, our publicity initiatives and have monthly accounts, drawing on member’s fees to fund all that we do, and also other charitable donations. We run this website, and also a Facebook page and twitter that anyone is welcome to join. 

Each year we hold an AGM inviting all members to inspect our annual report and review the year that has been. Trustees are a mix of skills, and in general, we have an all-keen-hands to the pump approach to our work. In Dunedin, we are incredibly fortunate that so many people share our love for heritage and want to help us, but we could always do with more! Please see the section on how to join as a member, volunteer, donate or assist us in any way you can with our work.

ANN BARSBY - Founding member

Ann was instrumental in the setting up of the Trust in 2002 and continues to be the inspiration and driving force behind most of our activities. She is also active as a committee member of several other local heritage organisations and is heavily involved in the Gasworks Museum Trust. She was formerly head of the Tourism Department of Otago Polytechnic. She was the recipient of the Dunedin Bluestone Award for preservation and promotion of Otago’s heritage in 2011 and was awarded the QSM in 2014 for services to heritage. Ann has been recently awarded the Dunedin Heritage Fund, Pam Jordon Services to Heritage Award at the 2020 Dunedin City Council Heritage Awards.


Jo Galer has been a Trustee since 2015. She grew up in a home where Dunedin's heritage was always a hot topic due to her mother Lois Galer's work to preserve Dunedin's heritage and save historic buildings.  Jo became a journalist in the early 1990's then worked in PR more latterly. Along the way, she attained her Honours Degree in History, specialising in New Zealand history and focusing her thesis on the Dunedin Stock Exchange Building demolished in the late 1960s. Jo then became one of the authors on a written resource about the buildings now collectively known as Dunedin's Warehouse Precinct. She is a strong voice for heritage advocacy on the Trust, and writes submissions and publicity materials to assist this aspect of the Trust's role.


Brent has had a long interest in heritage, serving initially on the Manawatu branch and then the Otago branch committee of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. He has been a Trustee of the Southern Heritage Trust since 2006.  In his professional life he is a Professor and Head of Department of Tourism at the University of Otago.

MERRIN BATH - Chairperson

Merrin joined the Trust in 2017 and comes from a marketing and PR background. She has worked with a number of not for profit entities including iD Dunedin Fashion Week, the New Zealand International Science Festival and the Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust. Merrin is a commercial property broker and is passionate about Otago’s built heritage and facilitating parties to ensure heritage buildings in Otago are developed and re-used.


Lox is a well-known and now retired police officer from Portobello and President of the Otago RSA and brings a wealth of knowledge to the Trust.


Joy is a retired teacher who was a School Principal for 14 years and prior to that a Deputy Principal at an Intermediate School. Joy has held a passion for heritage for a long time and loves adventures. Joy is actively involved in organising member events and always on the look-out for new locations to visit.

LISA DAVIS - Treasurer

Lisa has recently joined as our new treasurer. Lisa is a very welcome addition to the team with her technology skills and has been working on upgrading our financial accounting processes. She also has a passion for heritage.

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