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The Southern Trust advocates for the protection of our rich heritage and we have a number of projects and local issues we are supporting. We have made submissions on heritage projects, and commercial proposals for Dunedin where they impact our heritage look and feel.

For example, a recent proposal for a new high-rise hotel near the Octagon. We advocated that this would harm the heritage precinct in the Octagon, ultimately to the detriment of one of our grandest buildings, the Municipal Chambers.

Also, we submitted on the second-generation District Plan (2GP) that guides future development in this city, looking to ensure our city’s heritage is firmly on the agenda in future Dunedin City Council planning. In this, we worked with the City Rise Up group to submit both in writing and in person representing our organisations. One of our current advocacy projects is the retention of the historic Infant’s building at Arthur St School.

There are a number of ways you can assist our advocacy work, writing letters of support, assisting with fundraising or providing your specialist skills to help us. We would love to have more assistance and views on advocacy, so feel free to join and throw your hat in the ring to help us and our heritage.


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