Northern Cemetery Anzacs at Gallipoli Trail

This trail encompasses the memorials of sixteen sons of our local community who were lost during the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign of 1915. None of these young men came home. Some are buried in the cemeteries at Gallipoli, some were lost for ever where they fell and have no known grave, while others were buried at sea. But they are not forgotten. The memorials tell their stories, briefly and poignantly.

The sixteen memorials, all of which are to be found on family graves, between them illustrate the various phases of the Gallipoli campaign. Their sons fought in now famous battles such as Chunuk Bair or the advance across the Daisy Patch. Men such as Lieutenant Thomas Nisbet and Lieutenant John Stuart Reid were Otago University law students. Thomas Nisbet survived a charge on a Turkish machine gun post but was killed in action soon afterwards.

John Reid lost his life in the night operations. Lieutenant Preston Logan was fatally wounded in the Turkish counter attack on 19th May. He is remembered here by his grandmother. Sergeant John Fea, a law clerk from Roslyn, died from wounds received in the assault on Sari and Chunuk Bair. His brother Ernest, who was with him at Gallipoli, later served on the Western front, where he was wounded. He did return home, but only to die of his wounds.

A printed brochure, complete with map, is available from the Sextonís Cottage. This is one of several Northern Cemetery trails produced by the Southern Heritage Trust.

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