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OtagoTrails is a website set up and maintained by Southern Heritage Trust. It aims to make available on the internet a comprehensive selection of trails to facilitate the exploration and enjoyment of Otago’s diverse heritage.

A trail is a series of locations (‘waypoints’) that can be visited in a given order in pursuit of a given theme. The trail should contain descriptions of the individual locations and their historical significance and directions on how to find them. A map showing the locations is helpful as are photographs of some or all of the attractions.

Contributions are invited as follows:

1. If you or your organisation already have a heritage trail on your own website, we should like to include a link to it on the OtagoTrails website.

2. If you or your organisation already have a heritage trail in the form of a brochure or other hard-copy material, we should like to include it on the OtagoTrails website, either by scanning it in its current format or by adapting it to our own preferred format.

3. If you or your organisation have an idea for a heritage trail and are interested in working up the material and offering it to the OtagoTrails website, we should like to hear from you and discuss the project.

Our preferred format is a printable double-sided landscape A4 document that can be folded into a tri-fold leaflet. We are happy to adapt material from other formats or to include trails in any other format if they cannot easily be adapted.

It would be helpful if, when submitting material, you could categorise your trail in terms of its type, location, mode of transport, and time required. See the website for the existing categories under each of these headings; it may be possible to add new categories if required.

We reserve the right to suggest adaptations or alterations to material submitted to us and to reject trails that do not fit in with the general aims and character of the website. You can get some idea of the character of the website by looking at the trails already available there.

If you would like to

  • submit a trail for inclusion on this website
  • suggest an idea for a trail
  • comment on this website or on any of the trails
  • become involved in the wider work of Southern Heritage Trust
we should be delighted to hear from you.

You can contact us by email at, by telephone on 03 471 8265, by post at Ann Barsby, 12 Royal Terrace, Dunedin 9016 or by visiting us at the Sexton’s Cottage, Northern Cemetery, Lovelock Avenue, North Dunedin. You may also like to visit our website,

Please click here or phone the Southern Heritage Trust on 03 471 8265 or contact Ann Barsby on 03 479 0169.